The June Tolliver Outdoor Playhouse, Big Stone Gap, VA



The June Tolliver Playhouse is located in the Jerome Street Historic District of Big Stone Gap, Virginia. It seats approximately 335 people. The setting is lovely with  woodland trees and new outdoor seating.  It has a small waterfall and pond, and at times is filled with the sounds of melodious music and song.  The Trail of the Lonesome Pine State Outdoor Drama is  the Official Outdoor Drama of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Based on a novel by John Fox, Jr.  the drama tells the love story of a lovely Appalachian Mountain girl, June Tolliver, and a handsome mining engineer, Jack Hale, from the East.  This is a musical  drama that (to quote the brochure) "depicts the story of the great boom in Southwest Virginia when the discovery of coal and iron ore forced the lusty, proud mountain people into making many drastic changes in their way of life." 

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